Senior Packaging & Palletizing Technician

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Job Description


Ensure all packaging & palletizing equipment is in excellent running condition, including Filling machines, conveying systems, printing machines, label applicators, accumulators, straw and cap applicators, film wrappers, handle applicators, cardboard packers, robots and palletizing systems and other relevant packaging equipment. Plan and execute all preventive & corrective maintenance (PM, CM) activities of factory process systems, to improve the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), reduce the maintenance conversion cost & the wastage and eliminate quality failures and customer complaints.

Key Accountabilities

·         Conduct daily routine checks on all the packaging and palletizing equipment in the factory to detect any damages or to check if there is a need for undertaking repairs on existing equipment. Use check lists and the established packaging and palletizing equipment inspection procedures to keep all packaging and palletizing equipment in an excellent operational condition.

·         Perform the daily and weekly packaging and palletizing equipment maintenance activities as per the technical manuals and maintenance procedures.

·         Ensure all spare parts are installed on the packaging and palletizing equipment as per the manuals, manufacturer’s recommendations, and the maintenance procedures.

·       Develop, implement, review, and improve the PM plans and schedules of the above equipment.

·       Provide on-site technical support & proactive response to breakdowns, ensuring production continuity.

·       Arrange and order the relevant spare parts, considering the delivery time and budgets.

·       Collaborate with all departments (Projects, spare parts stores, planning, technical, production & quality) and communicate the PM schedules well in advance.

·       Monitor, control, record and improve the packaging and palletizing equipment maintenance cost and initiate actions to optimize it.

·       Record all abnormal events in log sheets and escalate the critical issues regarding quality, performance, environmental & safety issues (e.g., breakdowns, product leakages, etc.) and take appropriate actions to resolve it.

·       Review and update the PM check lists and ensure all planned PM activities will be completed on time.

·       Strictly follow good maintenance practices and improve them further, considering the expected OEE, conversion costs, downtime, and quality of products.

·       Ensure relevant packaging and palletizing equipment is always in the basic condition.

·       Initiate improvement projects to ensure a safer, efficient, and effective manufacturing operation. Work together with Head of Technical and technical team to prepare relevant budgets and improvement projects.

·       Ensure there will be no shortcuts and quality of work is not compromised.

·       Monitor the department’s KPIs and take actions to reduce maintenance cost and improve OEE, wastage and quality failures.

·       Prepare weekly and monthly reports, based on the agreed KPIs, targets and projects.

·       Assist Head of Technical with other maintenance activities.

·       Strictly follow and implement all health and safety and food safety procedures, protecting employees and products and report all unsafe and risky operations.

·       Supervise the installation and commissioning of new equipment and /or the upgrade of an existing system.

·       Guide, Coach and train the newcomers.


Job Requirements

·       Technical Education (Mechanics or similar) background is a must, engineering degree is an advantage.

·       At least 5-7 years technical hands-on experience on dairy packaging and palletizing equipment.

·       Excellent knowledge and understanding of packaging and palletizing equipment.

·       Deep knowledge on TetraPak Packaging Lines is a Must (A3, TBA platforms).

·       Deep knowledge of package integrity.

·       Very good understanding of automations and mechanical operation and maintenance.

·       Very Good electromechanically skills (motors, sensors, etc.).

·       Very Good understanding of food manufacturing operations.

·       Ability to read P&IDs, flow charts & diagrams, MMs and EMs.

·       Languages: Fluent in English.

·       Ability to work mornings / evenings / weekends, depending on the assigned shift.

Ability to work under pressure and handle deadlines

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Job Location Saudi Arabia
Job Role Other
Employment Status Full time

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Career Level Mid Career

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