Senior Process Technician - MF

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Job Description


Ensure all process equipment is in excellent running condition, including fresh milk reception & mixing systems, pipes, pumps, vacuum systems, valves and valve clusters, pasteurizers and UHTs, homogenizers, heat exchangers,  tanks, agitators, filtration systems, transfer lines and CIP systems, Plan and execute all preventive & corrective maintenance (PM, CM) activities of factory process systems, to improve the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), reduce the maintenance conversion cost & the wastage and eliminate quality failures and customer complaints.

Key Accountabilities

·         Conduct daily routine checks on all the process equipment in the factory to detect any damages or to check if there is a need for undertaking repairs on existing equipment. Use check lists and the established process equipment inspection procedures to keep all process equipment in an excellent operational condition.

·         Perform the daily and weekly process equipment maintenance activities as per the technical manuals and maintenance procedures.

·         Ensure all spare parts are installed on the process equipment as per the manuals, manufacturer’s recommendations and the maintenance procedures.

·       Develop, implement, review, and improve the PM plans and schedules of the above equipment.

·       Provide on-site technical support & proactive response to breakdowns, ensuring production continuity.

·       Arrange and order the relevant spare parts, considering the delivery time and budgets.

·       Collaborate with all departments (Projects, spare parts stores, planning, technical, production & quality) and communicate the PM schedules well in advance.

·       Monitor, control, record and improve the process equipment maintenance cost and initiate actions to optimize it.

·       Record all abnormal events in log sheets and escalate the critical issues regarding quality, performance, environmental & safety issues (e.g., breakdowns, product leakages, etc.) and take appropriate actions to resolve it.

·       Review and update the PM check lists and ensure all planned PM activities will be completed on time.

·       Strictly follow good maintenance practices and improve them further, considering the expected OEE, conversion costs, downtime, and quality of products.

·       Ensure relevant process equipment is always in the basic condition.

·       Initiate improvement projects to ensure a safer, efficient, and effective manufacturing operation. Work together with Head of Technical and technical team to prepare relevant budgets and improvement projects.

·       Ensure there will be no shortcuts and quality of work is not compromised.

·       Monitor the department’s KPIs and take actions to reduce maintenance cost and improve OEE, wastage and quality failures.

·       Prepare weekly and monthly reports, based on the agreed KPIs, targets and projects.

·       Assist Head of Technical with other maintenance activities.

·       Strictly follow and implement all health and safety and food safety procedures, protecting employees and products and report all unsafe and risky operations.

·       Supervise the installation and commissioning of new equipment and /or the upgrade of an existing system.

·       Guide, Coach and train the newcomers.


Job Requirements

·       Technical Education (Mechanics or similar) background is a must, engineering degree is an advantage.

·       At least 5-7 years technical hands-on experience on dairy process equipment.

·       Excellent knowledge and understanding of process systems (High share mixers, pasteurizers, homogenizers, sterilizers, valves, tanks etc.)

·       Very good understanding of automations and mechanical operation and maintenance.

·       Very Good electromechanically skills (motors, sensors, etc.).

·       Very Good understanding of food manufacturing operations.

·       Ability to read P&IDs, flow charts & diagrams, MMs and EMs.

·       Languages: Fluent in English.

·       Ability to work mornings / evenings / weekends, depending on the assigned shift.

·       Ability to work under pressure and handle deadlines.

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