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Job Description

To load and unload deliveries to/from the delivery van, according to instructions of the Pre Salesman orSales Supervisor andto ensurecorrect deliveriesfor the relevant customers. To ensureall products loaded for customers are in line with loading documents &gate passes provided by the salesman.

1. Product Loading

  • Load products into the sales vanaccording to delivery order, and ensure that the correct stock and quantitiesare loaded as per the gate pass.

2. Delivery

  • Deliver to each customer (outlet)as per the pre-determined delivery route plan.
  • Unload the deliveries at the outlet and place the delivered products in the designated goods allocated area.
  • Capture the authorized customer signature and stamp on the delivery note confirming receipt of goods.
  • Ensure on-time delivery to the customers as per store requirements. e.g. some customers require that deliveries be done no later than 08:00 as per the delivery route plan.

3. Appearance

  • Ensure personal appearance as per the company standard.
  • Ensure the van is clean from inside and outside.
  • Ensure that the delivered products are in excellent condition and not damaged.
  • Your appearance is important because you are representing SADAFCO.

4. Product returns

  • Loadingof any products as&dbqtbad&dbqt returns must follow the return policy of SADAFCO.
  • Collect any ‘good’ returned products (if any) and load them separately. Segregate from the other products on the van to assure that it should not damageany of the products loaded for later deliveries.

5. Pallet returns

  • Collect company pallets and return them to the company warehouse, ensuring that the same numbers of pallets are returned following completion of all deliveries as was dispatched prior to deliveries.
  • Ensure returned pallets do not damage or affect the products in the van.


Job Requirements

•             Educational level: Minimum completed high school degree.

•             Must have a valid driving license for the required type of vehicle (light or heavy vehicle driving license.

•             Must have a clean driving history.

•             Experience: minimum 2 years relevant experience.

•             Languages: Arabic, English preferred.

•             Minimum age 22years, physically fit

  • Heavy-medium driving license


Job Competencies / Notes

•  Commercial aptitude.

•   Well developed communication skills

•   Good in maintaining existing relationships with customers 

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Job Details

Job Location Saudi Arabia
Job Role Sales
Employment Status Full time

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Mid Career

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